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Pirate Run Away

I know it's been quite a while because I published my last game evaluation, so for today I have picked something really unique. It's a Pirate thematic game called "Pirate Run Away".

As you most likely observed, just by reading the title one must get a clear image of exactly what's coming since it completely explains the kind of action that follows as well as develops a clear image concerning the characters you will come across as soon as the game starts.

The action takes place on a remote island were a young sailor finds a chest filled with gold. Just as he collects the gold a midlife pirate appears threatening with a gun and requesting for the treasure. The young sailor begins to run wanting to get safe to his ship and keep the gold.This short story is actually presented as a little animation right prior to the game begins, so as you probably prepared for-- it's your mission to help the young sailor leave the chasing pirate.

Pirate run animation

This runaway course will test your skills to the limit as lot's of covert barriers and numerous enemies will aim to obstruct you.The game is split into 5 levels that a person needs to complete and your only chance to obtain in one piece back to your ship is to run continually, prevent all the traps, prevent falling of the cliffs and attack your enemies prior to they do.

Pirate flee game menu

Various enemies require various techniques so keep in mind that you have to pick wisely between jumping over, sliding under or introducing an attack with your sword. Cannot apply the appropriate kind of action will lead to "GAME OVER". So keep an close eye on the energy bar and keep in mind that your character can only take 3 hits before you are out of business.

Falling off the running path or from the suspended platforms above the water will put and end to your escape course so this need to be avoided by all means.

Here is a brief category of the opponents inside the game and how you ought to leave of defeat each of them.

The chasing pirate will be safe the majority of the time, he will be shouting out loud the majority of the time encouraging the others to assault you.So once you hear among the specific pirate phrases such "Avast ya scallywags" or "There she blows", or "Aye Matie" be prepared to face an inbound attack.
The chasing pirate will use his weapon and attempt to shoot versus you, two or three times in each level so be warned. You can prepare your self to prevent his fire right as you hear him screaming the "Arrrr" sound. This will betray him and therefore offering you the modification to jump over or slide under the bullet.


Pirate Run Away shootingThe pirate has 2 more phrases that he will use one is "Son of a biscuit eater" and he states these words really often as your characters manages to escape traps and defeat opponents. The other expression that you never ever wish to hear is "Dead man inform no tales" as he just says this when you are doomed.

The skeleton that hides inside a barrel. This kind of opponent is very harmful as he will attempt to take you by surprise every time. He appears arbitrarily either in front of you, laying on suspended platform or facing down in higher levels as you will see. You cannot attack this opponent, you have to leave him by jumping or moving under it.


Pirate Escape slide

3. The strolling skeleton This opponent will run against you, so avoid direct collision with him, also don't attempt to jump over it and such as it will not work. You have to use your sword and attack it.

Pirate run vs skeleton.


Flying Parrot. This is a flying kind of opponent going into from the ideal upper part of the screen caring a bomb that he will drop near you. You cannot strike this enemy so avoid the bombs he stops by jumping over them.In greater levels you will also experience a group of three Parrots flying together releasing a direct attack versus you by coming down and produce a crash. This time you can assault them with you sword or slide under the variety.
pirate run away vs parrot

The strolling crab. This is the kind of opponent that you can quickly avoid by jumping over it or by hitting it with your sword.
Pirate Flee vs zombie

The pirate zombies. There 2 opponents of this type and they are truly quick and quite effective. The only way to leave them is to beat them with your sword but remember that you should introduce the attack first due to the fact that otherwise they will get you.
But there are more obstacles you have to get rid of prior to getting safe, as the young sailor needs to likewise prevent deadly spikes, iron traps, rolling and boxing barrels and missing out on parts in the sand.

I actually liked playing this game, the characters are truly unique and quite artistic, the colors are vivid and the good graphics produce an ideal mood for a great video gaming experience and what's truly an excellent thing is the fact that this game likewise has a discussion trailer that you can view bellow.


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